Continuous Training: Stadium Race

Right this one takes a bit of effort to prepare but once it’s done you can use it over and over with all classes (like I have!).

I had been trying to think of an idea that would engage my year 9 boys class in our fitness module so came up with the stadium race.  I plotted our school and some local football teams (Walsall, West Brom, Birmingham and Aston Villa) onto a Google maps printout using Photoshop.  Each line is numbered at every mile and the printout is placed onto a pinboard. As the pupils run/row/cycle on the CV machines they move their pin along the map towards whichever stadium they choose.

MAP are encouraged to go for the further away stadiums to stretch and challenge themselves.

Of course this resource can be modified to cater for different tastes and pupils could run to local towns or landmarks relevant to your school.


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