EdPuzzle: Flip your classroom

The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lesson and homework elements are reversed. Pupils learn the basic principals of the topic before the lesson.  EdPuzzle is an awesome website that allows you to easily create videos with quiz elements for pupils to watch and complete at home.  Even if flipped learning isn’t your thing then EdPuzzle would work equally as well as a plenary homework to summarise what the pupils have learnt that day.

Formative multiple choice quizzes can be inserted mid video which are marked automatically by EdPuzzle, long answer questions are also supported however the teacher would have to grade these through the EdPuzzle website.

EdPuzzle connects to Google classroom/Google login so if your school use Google for Education your pupils won’t even have to register on the website. The registration process is however very simple and would take a student 2 minutes to register, join your class and access your videos.

Using EdPuzzle…

1) Think about your next lesson. Is there anything you would like your students to know in advance? Or maybe a concept you explained in a previous lesson?

2) Search on EDpuzzle or YouTube. Once you have that piece of knowledge in mind. Let’s find a video that might be almost perfect.

3) Edit the video with EDpuzzle. Now let’s make the almost perfect video, just perfect. Trim and take only the part that you need, record your voice to make it more personal or embed questions to hold your students accountable during the video.

4) Create a class. A class is a place where you can assign videos and any student in that class will receive them. Eventually, when a student completes a task, you will receive really useful information from each one of them.

5) Assign the video-lesson to your class and give the class code to your students. They will create a student account (email is optional) and they will introduce the class code to join your class.

6) Check the progress report. Before the class starts, you can check each student progress on that assignment. Who watched the video, who didn’t understand the lesson, and who did a good job.


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