Top 5 Paid iOS apps for PE teachers

coacheseyeCoaches Eye – Powerful video analysis on your iPad (Also available on Android). Video a students performance, slow it down, draw on it, add audio commentary and analyse it. Costs £3.99 however you can get a 50% educator discount on bulk purchases.  Great app for non participants to evaluate performance of students.

Cost: £3.99

Sprint Timer – Removes the need for stop watches, this app allows you to easily record accurate time for any athletics race. Personally I find this app much more accurate than a traditional stopwatch and the kids love the photo finish generated.  Olympic style timing in a simple to use app – the best timing app out there.

Cost: £2.29

Team Shake – Perfect app for creating fair teams. Give each of your pupils a rating based on ability, enter the number of teams wanted and Team Shake will do the rest. The app will create you balanced teams based on ability (even if you don’t have an even number of pupils the app will calculate fair teams).  Stop pupils arguing over teams… the app has the final say! (Also available on Android)

Cost: £0.79


Comic Life – Make eye catching resources with Comic Life. I downloaded this in the first week of my PGCE and still use it to this day. Difficult to use on an iPhone so don’t download unless you have an iPad. Perfect for making technique or peer assessment resources for practical PE lessons.

Cost: £3.99

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