The Chocolate Bar Calorie Challenge

The chocolate bar challenge is a great calorie counting lesson for use in a school fitness suite. The pupils choose a chocolate bar from the back of the worksheet, and then try to burn off the corresponding amount of calories throughout the lesson.  MAP are encouraged to choose the higher calorie chocolate bars and LAP are encouraged to choose a lower calorie bar which will still challenge them.

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Football Leadership Task Card

These task cards were used successfully in year 9 lesson, most of the pupils are very capable footballers so it made sense to push them further by adding in a leadership element.

Split group into 4 teams of 5 assigning one lead learner. The group reads the task card and sets up the drill, once the drill is set up the leader guides the group through it and provides feedback. The card includes progressions for more able groups.  After 5 minutes the groups rotate to the next drill, however the lead learner stays at their drill and teaches the next group to arrive there.

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The Warm Up Menu

A nice quick warm up that pupils can complete independently allowing you some time to write up objectives, gather equipment. Pupils simply choose a starter, a main and a desert and warm themselves up.  Based on the Nandos menu, it has 2 chilli levels to allow for differentiation, MAP are encouraged to choose the ‘hotter’ tasks while LAP can choose the ‘cooler’ tasks.

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