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Top 5 Paid iOS apps for PE teachers

coacheseyeCoaches Eye – Powerful video analysis on your iPad (Also available on Android). Video a students performance, slow it down, draw on it, add audio commentary and analyse it. Costs £3.99 however you can get a 50% educator discount on bulk purchases.  Great app for non participants to evaluate performance of students.

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EdPuzzle: Flip your classroom

The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lesson and homework elements are reversed. Pupils learn the basic principals of the topic before the lesson.  EdPuzzle is an awesome website that allows you to easily create videos with quiz elements for pupils to watch and complete at home.  Even if flipped learning isn’t your thing then EdPuzzle would work equally as well as a plenary homework to summarise what the pupils have learnt that day.

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Plickers: Paper Clickers

Plickers is a great free iOS and Android app – a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. The premise is simple, print each of your class out a Plickers card – I stuck them on the back of the pupils exercise books so they are (almost) impossible to lose! The pupils can then use their books to answer questions which appear on the interactive whiteboard, the direction they hold their book up corresponds to an answer A-D.

For best results use a Plickers quiz at the start and end of the lesson to show progress made (The app will give you percentages of correct answers).

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The Inspired PE Forum has Launched

Hello! We are pleased to announced the launch of the Inspired PE Forum, set up in January 2015 as a place for PE teachers from across the world to share ideas and discuss common issues.
Having joined twitter this year and seen the power of social media as a tool for CPD. I quickly became a big fan of bloggers such as The PE Geek, Teacher Toolkit, PE Tip of The Day etc,  however I found I could only get so much information in 140 characters especially when some of the most inventive teachers don’t have blogs to follow! After a quick Google search I was stunned to find there wasn’t an active discussion forum for PE Teachers to share their ideas. From this Inspired PE was born and I’m sure it will prove to be a valuable tool for physical educators around the world.Please check out our competition to celebrate our launch. You can win some awesome PE related prizes whilst getting to grips with the Inspired PE forum.  The forum has had a good uptake so far with just under 50 PE teachers registering in the first 3 days however there has been over 500 guests who have viewed the forum but sadly not registered – I urge all PE teachers to register as I believe the forum is a great place to discuss ideas and chat with likeminded PE teachers (But I would say that wouldn’t I?!). Don’t take my word for it, sign up ask a question or share some knowledge.
I look forward to chatting with you… remember – some discussions need more than 140 characters


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Using iPads: Increase pupil productivity 100%

The Guided Access feature is used to disable certain apps or lock pupils to apps, unfortunately it’s hidden within the ipads settings and I certainly didn’t realise the feature even existed until a few weeks ago. I’m going to talk you through my issue, how it works and how to increase your pupils productivity.

We’ve all been there before, painstakingly spent hours planning and preparing for that lesson where the iPads come out. The pupils are going to use this great app you’ve found to really get them to understand how the vascular system works and then as a plenary they can use that other new app to show the progress they have made with a summative quiz.   It was going to be outstanding I knew it… but they had other ideas.

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